Could St. George Claim Capital Allowances?

As I’m sure you are aware, it was our nations’ patriotic day St. George's’ day, on the 23rd of April.

Could the mighty Saint have claimed Capital Allowances though? There is a question! He is immortalised in the tale of Saint George and the Dragon and is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. His memorial is celebrated on 23 April, and he is regarded as one of the most prominent military saints.

Firstly it is rumored that he was around in 300ad. As Capital Allowances really started I 1878, then no, he couldn’t have claimed. However, if he were alive today, then perhaps he could claim. Let’s imagine he has a stable of horses, Tack rooms, armament and lodgings. Now the arms and shields and spears etc would not qualify for Plant & Machinery, but he would write them off as an expense of his business, as he would go through a few of these slaying dragons!

There would certainly be the opportunity to claim Plant & Machinery Allowances on any qualifying assets within the tack room – and if the lodging is used for all slayers, a kind of Dragon Killer B&B, let’s assume there is more than 1, then there will be plant & Machinery there also. HMRC recently determined that sheepdogs were in fact items of plant & machinery so you could claim tax relief on your sheepdog. Working animals such as Shire horses etc would also qualify. In that respect, then as a working dragon slaying horse, then St. George could claim.

All in all, yes, the country’s national mascot could claim Capital Allowances if he was alive today!

Published: 26th April 2013

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