Capital Allowances in the 2016 Budget, the Next generation budget

Posted at 07:54 on Wednesday 16th March 2016

 Capital Allowances in the 2016 Budget, the Next generation budget This is a summary of the Chancellors budget with respect to Capital Allowances. There a...

New Government Enterprize Zone (EZ) for Plymouth

Posted at 01:10 on Friday 21st August 2015

 Chancellor George Osbourne confirmed he has approved a new Enterprize Zone to focus on growing the marine industry in the south West. The new EZ ...

HMRC win Accelerated Payment Case

Posted at 06:38 on Friday 31st July 2015

HMRC announces restriction of Capital Allowances for transfers & long funding leaseback effective TODAY! (26th February)

Posted at 03:38 on Thursday 26th February 2015

The Government announced on 26 February 2015 its intention to remove an opportunity for taxpayers to create an entitlement to capital allowances in respect of assets for which no qualifying expenditure was pre...

Capital Allowances are 100% safe as they are NOT a disclosable Tax Avoidance Scheme.

Posted at 17:48 on Thursday 24th July 2014

 Why not? Well, simply because it is legislation that you can claim the type of tax relief we only deal with.

Humber & the North-East Enterprise Zone maps here!

Posted at 08:25 on Thursday 3rd July 2014

 Enterprise Zones are designed to encourage economic growth and investment. Enhanced capital allowances are first-year allowances of...

400M of Capital Allowances in May alone!

Posted at 03:37 on Saturday 28th June 2014


Apple, Starbucks, Amazon & others - Capital Allowances

Posted at 00:02 on Thursday 12th June 2014

 Tax deals involving Apple, Starbucks and others are facing an EU probe over allegations they amounted to state aid wo...

The Capital Allowances (First-year Tax Credits) Order 2013

Posted at 00:25 on Tuesday 14th January 2014

 As the tax return deadline for 2012/13 is approaching, I thought I’d just to keep you informed about SI 464 of ...

Independent Scotland for better Capital Allowances?

Posted at 02:16 on Monday 18th November 2013

 As the Scottish independence vote approaches in September next year, key MSP figures ar...

EXACT celebrates Mandela Day - What are you doing?

Posted at 00:44 on Thursday 18th July 2013

 Today, the 18th of July, as well as being my ...

EXACT's bespoke Capital Allowances tracking system EXIGO is referenced in FSB Magazine

Posted at 11:37 on Saturday 15th June 2013

 I like to think we are a forward thinking company, and this is proved by the interest which the FSB has in our cloud based solution of our Capital A...

HMRC not entitled to discovery assessment

Posted at 04:16 on Monday 13th May 2013

HMRC will not simply be able to open a discovery assessment if an investigation opportunity has fallen out of the 12-month window, according to an upper tribunal ruling. ...

HMRC Releases Capital Allowances Data

Posted at 05:13 on Tuesday 7th May 2013

Could St. George Claim Capital Allowances?

Posted at 02:05 on Friday 26th April 2013

As I’m sure you are aware, it was our nations’ patriotic day St. George's’ day, on the 23rd of April.