As CEO for EXACT my firm belief is that we are in business for more reasons than to make a profit.

Although we strive to make profit and contribute to the recovery of the economy I and the business need to give something back to society our local community and the environment.

It gives me personal satisfaction that our people are the heart of our sustainability programme. Personal development to me is key and each and every member of our team has to dedicate at least 10% of their working day to improving their knowledge and skills. Whether it is on-going professional development, systems or software knowledge, first aid education, life skills, CA knowledge, marketing, accounting, business, website design or even health & safety, we have a program of courses we insist all our team members undertake. Increasing the general and specific knowledge of the team is pivotal for personal challenges and betterment.

The community I feel should also benefit from our existence. We have an apprenticeship program in place which allows those who want to work the opportunity to do so. This proves to be a great opportunity for some to learn from the professional members of the team on how to ‘do business’, how to ‘act in business’ and how an organisation runs efficiently.

We actively sponsor local events and teams in order to ensure that sports activity is participated In and the general health and well-being of the community is maintained.

It means being more than just being carbon neutral. Our in-house surveyors have one of the most energy efficient vehicles and we plant a tree for every thousand miles they go and we recycle all of our office consumables and operate a strict energy preservation policy in house.

We have made a great start here at EXACT, but I am aware that we are only at the foot of the mountain with a long way to climb. As we progress up the slopes of business we want to be able to invite everyone to join us at the top with the skills and opportunities we can support with.