What We Do

Apart from advising on plant and machinery Capital Allowances we can also advise on the following -

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs)

ECAs covers expenditure on energy saving plant and machinery that meets the criteria specified on Energy Technology List (ETL) managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of the Government.  Enhanced tax relief of 100% first year allowance for expenditure (including equipment, transportation and installation) or a credit of 19% for loss making companies is available. 

Business Property Renovation Allowances (BPRA)

BPRA is available on converting or renovating qualifying buildings in designated disadvantaged areas into business premises. The relief is 100% allowances on the qualifying expenditure.

Land Remediation Relief (LRR)

Entitles a company who acquires contaminated or derelict land to enhanced relief for the costs incurred (both capital and revenue) in cleaning up the land. The relief is 150% of the cost or a tax credit of 16% for loss making companies.  Derelict means the land cannot be used until buildings are removed and the contamination must be as a result of industrial activity and includes contamination from for example radon, asbestos, naturally occurring arsenic  or Japanese knotweed.

Flat Conversion Allowances (FCA)

Also known as Flats Above Shops relief the relief entitles the owner to claim 100% of the costs of refurbishment of the.  Can be claimed by an individual or company, and can be used against ANY taxable income.  Please note that this relief is being withdrawn for expenditure incurred on or after 6 April 2013 together with the entitlement to claim writing down allowances on any outstanding residue of qualifying expenditure.